Custom Vacuum Former for the Medical industry

Custom Vacuum Former for the Medical industry

November 30, 2022

By: Cindy Friedmann


Formech often build custom-made vacuum forming machines to exact customer specifications. One Formech customer, producing products for the medical field, recently requested a custom-made vacuum forming machined based on our HD686 model.

For hygiene reasons, and corrosion resistance, the upper section of the machine, and forming area was mainly constructed using stainless steel. Also, all the pneumatic control valves and cylinders were changed to stainless steel housings.

However, one of the key requirements of the machine was the need to control the heat output. Working with the customer a modified heater layout was agreed. In turn, each individual element was fitted with a thermocouple for full feedback control to allow a target temperature to be set and accurately maintained.

Also, for monitoring purposes, multiple pyrometers were strategically located around the forming area to observe the heating and cooling phases.

Formech custom solutions comprise modifications to standard vacuum forming machines or ground up custom builds for more challenging applications. In each case we conduct a very thorough needs analysis to determine the exact requirements of our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to have more details regarding our custom solutions

Formech HD686 special


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