Custom Solutions

Some of our customers have very specific requirements.

Formech custom solutions comprise modifications to standard vacuum forming machines or ground-up custom builds for more challenging applications.

In each case we conduct a very thorough needs analysis to determine the exact requirements of our customers.

We offer support throughout the process, including research on materials, tooling, production calculations, simulations and testing. Many Formech customers are either bringing the vacuum forming process in-house for the first time or rely on less experienced machine operators.

Formech control systems are designed to be highly intuitive with multi-level PIN access for management, machine setters and operators of all experience levels to promote safe operation and avoid the expensive consequences of misuse.

To find out how we can help design your custom vacuum forming machine, complete our Find Your Solution form with as much information as you have. This will allow us to begin researching your project and set-up a meeting to discuss it further. You can also contact us for any enquiries.

For an example of how we helped a client, read about the custom vacuum forming machine we made for the medical products sector, based on the HD686 vacuum former.

A custom-made vacuum forming machined based on the Formech HD686 model

IMD508 vacuum forming machine customised for Dupont
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